What is the value of the magnetic flux through the coil in Figure 23.56(b) due to the wire?
<b>Figure 23.56(b)</b>
Figure 23.56(b)
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There is zero flux since the magnetic field lines due to the current are parallel to the plane of the coil.

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This is College Physics Answers with Shaun Dychko. The magnetic field created by the current in this wire will create no flux at all inside this coil because the field lines are into the page and into the page is parallel to the plane of the coil. So if you were to grab this wire with your right hand and your thumb pointing up in the direction of current, your fingers are pointing into the page at the position of this coil and flux requires field lines to go through the coil and none of the field lines do, they are parallel to the plane of the coil, there is zero flux.