To sterilize a 50.0-g glass baby bottle, we must raise its temperature from 22.0C22.0^\circ\textrm{C} to 95.0C95.0^\circ\textrm{C}. How much heat transfer is required?
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3.07×103 J3.07 \times 10^3 \textrm{ J}

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This is College Physics Answers with Shaun Dychko. The 50 gram glass of baby bottle is going to be heated up from a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius to 95 degrees Celsius. We'll convert the mass into kilograms because our formulas require M K S units, meters, kilograms, and seconds. And, we'll take the specific heat of glass, which 840 Joules per kilogram per Celsius degree. And, we'll find the change of temperature, which is 95 minus 22 which is 73 Celsius degrees. And all these numbers can be plugged into this formula for heat transfer, which is mass of the glass times the specific heat of glass times the change in temperature. So, that's 0.05 kilograms times 840 Joules per kilogram per Celsius degree, time 73 Celsius degrees, which gives a heat transfer of 3.07 times ten to the three Joules.