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Suppose that the electrostatics force between two charges is $F$. Which of the following is true about the gravitational force between the particles?
  1. It will be $3.25 \times 10^{−38} F$.
  2. It will be $3.25 \times 10^{38} F$.
  3. It will be equal to $F$.
  4. It is not possible to determine the gravitational force as the masses of the particles are not given.
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This is College Physics with Shaun Dychko. Gravitational force between two particles is the gravitational constant g, times the first mass multiplied by the second mass, divided by the distance between them squared. The information we're given here says nothing about the masses of the particles and we need to know those in order to calculate the force of gravity. So the answer is D, cannot determine the gravitational force.