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If objects X and Y attract each other, which of the following will be false?
  1. X has positive charge and Y has negative charge.
  2. X has negative charge and Y has positive charge.
  3. X and Y both have positive charge.
  4. X is neutral and Y has a charge.
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OpenStax College Physics for AP® Courses Solution, Chapter 18, Problem 3 (Test Prep for AP® Courses) (1:11)

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Video Transcript
This is College Physic Answers with Shaun Dychko. In order for two objects to attract each other, they have to have opposite charges. So, a and b are both true because X is positive and Y is negative for a. And X is negative and Y is positive for b. So they have opposite charges in both cases a and b, so these are both true. We're looking for the one that's false and it's either c or it's d. Now for d, if X is neutral and Y has let's say a positive charge, it will be possible to induce a polarization in this neutral object such that the electrons are pulled to the side closest to the positively charged thing and then this will attract despite the fact that this thing is neutral and it's not charged. There will be an attraction, resulting from the distribution of charges across the two sides of this neutral object. So, part d is true. This little things can be attracted. Now part c or option c is the false one. When both X and Y, and both have positive charge, they will repel.