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Electrons in an X-ray tube are accelerated through $1.00 \times 10^2 \textrm{ kV}$ and directed toward a target to produce X-rays. Calculate the power of the electron beam in this tube if it has a current of 15.0 mA.
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$1.50 \textrm{ kW}$

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This is College Physics Answers with Shaun Dychko. The power of this electron beam will be its current multiply by the voltage. So the voltage is one times ten to the two kilovolts, and the prefix <i>kilo</i> means multiply by ten to the three, so ten to the two times ten to the three which is ten to the five Volts here. The current is 15 milliamps and we substitute times ten to the minus three in place of the <i>m</i>, so then we multiply these two things together and we’ll get our power. So 15 times ten to the minus three Amps times one times ten to the five Volts, giving us 1.50 kilowatts.