What is the direction of the magnetic force on a positive charge that moves as shown in each of the six cases shown in Figure 22.50?
<b>Figure 22.50</b> A positive charge moving through a magnetic field.
Figure 22.50 A positive charge moving through a magnetic field.
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Final Answer
  1. left
  2. into the page
  3. up
  4. no force
  5. right
  6. down

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OpenStax College Physics, Chapter 22, Problem 1 (Problems & Exercises)

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i need solution for quetions 54PE

Which book are these questions from?

Thank you. Are they applicable if you are using the openstax University Physics volume 2 book? Or is there something similar available specifically for that text book? Cheers!

Love this as a resource! It has honestly helped me so much, but why is there only odds now? I need evens too!

Hi Katie,
I'm really glad the videos have been so helpful! Thanks for sharing that. It's helpful motivation for.... the evens! I'm done evens up to chapter 20, with a pace of about 1 chapter of evens every 2 weeks. I did the initial run-through with only odds in order to cover as many topics as quickly as possible so there's a little something for everyone (odds for all chapters) rather than everything for only some (all questions for fewer chapters).
All the best,

Hi, can you explain the right hand rule for part a, I'm slightly confused with which way the palm and fingers are supposed to be facing