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What is the direction of the magnetic force on a positive charge that moves as shown in each of the six cases shown in Figure 22.50?
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<b>Figure 22.50</b> A positive charge moving through a magnetic field.
Figure 22.50 A positive charge moving through a magnetic field.
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  1. left
  2. into the page
  3. up
  4. no force
  5. right
  6. down
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i need solution for quetions 54PE

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Which book are these questions from?

Submitted by JHIBARGER on Sat, 03/14/2020 - 12:08

Thank you. Are they applicable if you are using the openstax University Physics volume 2 book? Or is there something similar available specifically for that text book? Cheers!

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No, these don't apply to University Physics. This is for an algebraic course. I'd imagine Chegg has solutions for University Physics.

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Needs adaptation to new edition
Does not need adaptation