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The surface temperature of the Sun is about 5750 K. What is this temperature on the Fahrenheit scale?
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This is College Physics Answers with Shaun Dychko. We're going to convert the temperature given to us in Kelvin to degrees Fahrenheit. So I have this formula for converting from Celsius to Fahrenheit memorized. And so that's nine fifth times the temperature in Celsius plus 32 and then going from Kelvin to Celsius, this also something that I happen to know. So, we take the temperature in Kelvin minus 273.15 to get the temperature in Celsius. And so we can substitute this in place of temperature in degree Celsius. And there's one formula given to us in the textbook that tells us how to do that all in one go but these are the two formulas that I happen to have memorized. So we take the nine fifths and multiply it by the temperature in Kelvin minus 273.15 then add 32 and that gives us the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. So the surface of the sun has the temperature of about 5750 Kelvin and minus 273.15 from that and then multiply that difference by nine fifths and then add 32 and you get 9890 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature of the surface of the sun.