The ratio of the strong to the weak force and the ratio of the strong force to the electromagnetic force become 1 under circumstances where they are unified. What are the ratios of the strong force to those two forces under normal circumstances?
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strongweak=1013\dfrac{\textrm{strong}}{\textrm{weak}} = 10^{13}

strongelectromagnetic=102\dfrac{\textrm{strong}}{\textrm{electromagnetic}} = 10^2

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This is College Physics Answers with Shaun Dychko. The ratio of the strong to the weak nuclear forces in regular circumstances is 1 divided by 10 to the negative 13 which is 10 to the positive 13. So the strong force is 10 to the 13 times stronger than the weak force. And compared to the electromagnetic force, we have 1 divided by 10 to the minus 2 and so this is 10 to the 2 or the strong force you can say is approximately 100 times stronger than the electromagnetic force.