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A tire has a tread pattern with a crevice every 2.00 cm. Each crevice makes a single vibration as the tire moves. What is the frequency of these vibrations if the car moves at 30.0 m/s?
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$1500 \textrm{ Hz}$

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This is College Physics Answers with Shaun Dychko. This tire has a tread pattern that has a crevice every two centimeters and there's a vibration that occurs every time the tire hits the crevice. So every two centimeters the tire travels, there's a vibration. And so what's the frequency of the vibration going to be when the tire travels at 30 meters per second? Well, there's going to be one vibration every two centimeters. Then, I've converted that into meters by multiplying by ten to the minus two. And so we have one vibration for every two centimeters times 30 meters per second. And the meters canceled, giving us vibration per second which is the units of Hertz. So 1500 Hertz is the frequency of vibrations.