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The speed limit on some interstate highways is roughly 100 km/h. (a) What is this in meters per second? (b) How many miles per hour is this?

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a) $27.79 \textrm{ m/s}$

b) $62.1 \textrm{ mph}$

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Submitted by ShaunDychko on Fri, 09/24/2021 - 12:13

Hi bam, thank you for the question. That might have been a Google search, or maybe I took the reciprocal of the conversion from miles to kilometers provided in the textbook. In any case, we want to know how many miles are in how many kilometers in order to create a fraction with miles on the top, and kilometers on the bottom. Writing the fraction as $\dfrac{1 \textrm{ mile}}{1.609 \textrm{ km}}$ would also work - test it out to confirm!
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