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A potato cannon has the fuel combusted, generating a lot of heat and pressure, which launch a potato. The combustion process _____ the internal energy, while launching the potato _____ the internal energy of the potato cannon.
  1. increases, increases
  2. increases, decreases
  3. decreases, increases
  4. decreases, decreases
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This is College Physics Answers with Shaun Dychko. In a potato cannon, some fuel is combusted like maybe some hair spray is burned with piezoelectric lighter from a barbecue which I have done and it's fun and it generates a lot of heat and pressure, and it launches a potato and the combustion process increases the internal energy because it adds heat. As you know you've Delta <i>U</i> equals heat added to the system minus work done by the system and so the combustion is a positive <i>Q</i> so it increases internal energy or as launching the potato means the potato cannon is doing work on the potato and so that makes a positive <i>W</i> which reduces internal energy and so the answer is <i>B</i>.