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Equal masses of steam (100 degrees C) and ice (0 degrees C) are placed in contact with each other in an otherwise insulated container. They both end up as liquid water at a common temperaturThe steam ___ entropy and ___ order, while the ice ___ entropy and ___ order.
  1. gained, gained, lost, lost
  2. gained, lost, lost, gained
  3. lost, gained, gained, lost
  4. lost, lost, gained, gained
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This is College Physics Answers with Shaun Dychko. So an equal mass of steam at a 100 degrees Celsius and ice at 0 degrees Celsius are in contact, and they both end up as liquid at the same temperature. So the steam has a reduction in its entropy because it goes from a highly disordered gas with pollen particles that are separated and moving in very different directions, to a increased order liquid. And, whereas the ice has an increase in its entropy because it becomes more disordered and loss in order. So an increase in disorder, which is a loss in order. So, we have a loss and a gain, and a gain and a loss. So, the answer is C.