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In Figure 9.20, the cg of the pole held by the pole vaulter is 2.00 m from the left hand, and the hands are 0.700 m apart. Calculate the force exerted by (a) his right hand and (b) his left hand. (c) If each hand supports half the weight of the pole in Figure 9.18, show that the second condition for equilibrium ($\tau_{\textrm{net}}$) is satisfied for a pivot other than the one located at the center of gravity of the pole. Explicitly show how you follow the steps in the Problem-Solving Strategy for static equilibrium described above.
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<b>Figure 9.20</b>
Figure 9.20
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  1. $140\textrm{ N}$
  2. $189 \\textrm{N}$
  3. See video solution.
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